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Its been more authentic, distinctive and natural from the beginning, Australian diamonds hold the heritage of their Australian roots with them forever. Since, responsibly unearthed, Rio Tinto’s unique tracking system carefully monitors from the moment – they are cut, polished, and crafted into a beautiful jewellery. Unparalleled natural beauty and rich resources, Australia is a place like no other. The oldest continent, today this wondrous country is more popular for a source of pure, natural and unspoiled raw luxury. From its sunburnt deserts, to its pristine coast-lines, it produces some of the world’s most unique diamonds and gems. From their incredible source, to their rich indigenous heritage and ethical sourcing, Australian diamonds are as distinguished as the land from which they come.

Australian diamonds are deeply associated with the indigenous Aboriginal people, their culture and legendary believes. The Traditional Owners of the land on which the Argyle mine is located believe that the land and its people were created by the Ngarranggarni, also known as The Dreaming. Dreamtime stories provide a strong belief system through which they connect to their country.



Every Australian diamond is a precious, unearthed and recovered using responsible mining practices. The Argyle Diamond Mine, home of Australian diamonds, is owned and operated by Rio Tinto, a global industry leader with a reputation for trust and integrity towards its consumers, workers, communities and the environment.

Rio Tinto operates the Argyle mine to the highest possible ethical, environmental and safety standards so you can be sure that every Australian diamond unearthed here is not only beautiful, but has been ethically sourced and responsibly produced.


Australian diamonds come in a naturally formed and diverse range of colours from whites to silver, to champagne and cognac, and the rarely seen but highly treasured pink, red and blue diamonds.

How Australian diamonds get their unique palette remains somewhat of a mystery. Scientists believe that during formation coloured diamonds were influenced by extra pressure or external trace elements such as oxygen. The romantics amongst us, however, believe their natural hues come from Nature, who crafted the diamonds below to directly reflect the colours and beauty of the land above.


Nature knows perfection that takes time and every Australian diamond has been on an extraordinary journey.

For billions of years these diamonds remained dormant under the dusty red surface of Australia. Volcanic eruptions and erosive forces eventually forced them from their hiding place, bringing these once hidden gems to the surface.

Once unearthed their journey continues under the care of Rio Tinto, who carefully tracks them as they are transformed from rough, to polished, and ultimately into beautiful jewellery, to ensure they remain natural, authentic Australian diamonds.



When you purchase an Australian diamond you can wear it with pride, because not only do you know it’s been ethically sourced and responsibly produced by one of the world’s most trusted mines, you also know you’re getting a genuine diamond with a story and heritage like no other. That’s why each time you purchase a piece of jewellery made with these gems you will receive an Authenticity Card confirming that the diamonds contained in the jewellery have followed the rigorous standards of the tracking system as verified by the auditor.

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Australian diamonds originate from the Argyle Diamond Mine, where the rough diamonds are carefully extracted from the earth under the highest possible ethical, environmental and safety standards.

Once the rough diamonds have been unearthed, they are assessed and sorted according to their naturally formed colour and characteristics, before being passed to highly trained polishers.

Diamantaires appointed by Rio Tinto expertly read the diamonds, understanding how best to cut and polish them, giving brilliant form to rough diamonds of all sizes and grades.

Jewellery manufacturers selected by Rio Tinto apply their expert craftsmanship to create finished jewellery pieces that bring out the inherent qualities and beauty of the diamonds.

Australian diamond jewellery is available from authorised jewellers which have been selected by Rio Tinto to be part of its stringent Chain of Custody.

When you purchase an Australian diamond you will receive a unique Certificate of Authenticity from Rio Tinto that guarantees the provenance of your diamonds.


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