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Best Jewellery in Nepal Posted On : 16-11-2017

Best Jewellery in Nepal – Handmade Jewellery

Best Jewellery in Nepal: Jewelry making is an approximately 5000 year old tradition in Nepal. The history of handcrafted or Handmade diamond Jewellery in Nepal is remarkable.From the Ancient period to the Modern period in this world no one can match the craftsmanship, design and quality of the Nepalese jewelers. People the world over know just how attractive and exquisite handmade or handcrafted diamond jewelry can be. They come in various colors, sizes and designs, and some would even say the range transcend that of other types of jewelry. Professional handcrafting is an art form that goes back millenary to Nepal’s rich royal heritage. Bringing style, elegance and complete magnificence to jewelry are professional handcrafted or handmade pieces.

Best Handmade diamond Jewellery in Nepal – The process

Customization is what jewelry like this is all about handcrafting. After all, not everyone knows definitely what they’re looking for in a jewellery piece of this elevated delicacy. Making handcrafted or Handmade diamond Jewellery in Nepal based on your personal preferences with of course the usual traditional touches going everywhere else, results in a piece that’s stunning indeed.

Personal attention is given to each piece of jewelry. This means we and our specific customer details are taken into consideration on a deep level. You can distinctly feel the perfect balance and fluid cover of the necklace over the nape of your neck and shoulders. This is something Shree Balaji Diamond is an expert at providing.

Your customized Handcrafted or handmade diamond jewelry design journey implicate a sit-down with a designer/artisans and a gemologist and figuring out what you want based on style, design, materials, budget, and so on. The designer then gives you an estimate of the overall jewelry piece. Once you’ve put down an advance of about 50% of this estimate, the overall piece and work starts in diligent.

The type of labor involved is a simple staff of trained and skilled designer, artisans or craftsman who bring their talents to bear on the project at hand. They work as a team to make Jewelry marvels. You might have noticed of ‘labor love’, meaning the amount of concern, passion and work the designers/artisans put into their creations. Not only do they take honor in what they do, their attention to detail convey a human touch, which is something you won’t find going into machine made or cast jewelry. It is quite outstanding to see the jewel shown to you in the ‘ghaat’ stage (this is without the diamond or gemstones added).

The designers/artisans use draw plates to pull out gold wires or gold sheets, as the piece calls for, and form the necessary thickness during this time. They make good use of fine equipements to cut and saw these metal sheets into the desirable shape and size. This is the flexibility you are watching for and it’s possible in professional handcrafted or handmade Best Jewellery in Nepal.

Once the metal sheets are given form, the gold and diamond elements are another on the table. Placing them on wax, the designers/artisans get to work cutting, shaping and designing. They also solder any other metal involved to best effect.

After you’ve approved the ‘ghaat’ look of your jewellery piece and checked for shape, size and fit, it’s back to the workshop where it’s inserted in a lac/wax setting and the gemstones are taken out for setting. Ultrasound is used to clean the dirt and other fine rubbish from the end product and that’s it.As simple as it may sound, it’s actually quite tricky and requires large amounts of hard work to produce a handcrafted piece of diamond jewellery based on custom design.

Handcrafted or handmade diamond Jewelry vs Machine Made diamond Jewelry or cast jewelry

Machine made or cast jewelry is very high end and as such makes it possible to remove air bubbles (porosity), enhance color and use alloys to reduce melting point and so on. Certainly there is a differences between handmade or handcrafted diamond jewelry and machine made diamond jewelry or cast jewelry.
As hinted in the earlier section, personal attention is something that can’t be gotten through machine made jewelry. You can’t really expect the exact customized design in machine made pieces, because cast jewelry requires the use of specific molds and particular machine settings. These don’t really permit freedom with creating designer patterns and shapes. To put it simply, machine made or cast jewellery cannot be customized to the same perfection professional handmade or handcrafted diamond jewelry can.
Another reason why handcrafted or handmade diamond jewelry is more flexible is that it gets you to be part of the process. You can’t really go into the manufacturing plant itself to see how machine made jewelry or cast jewelry is coming about.
This brings us to the another next question…..

Best Handmade Diamond Jewellery – The preferred option for every Nepali
Aside from the huge popularity it’s enjoying, handcrafted or handmade diamond jewelry allows you the chance to play with your imagination, choose varied designs and do so in a very short period of time. You are involved in the process and the value you pay for these diamond jewelry pieces is justified. Very popular best Jewellery in Nepal  are as follows:

Handcrafted or handmade diamond jewelry making is much more environment friendly. It doesn’t rely on unessential fuel and such like in the creation period and makes it easier to recycle scraps and work with all the material gettable on the table instead of throwing a bunch into a machine and letting it take care of the rest.
At Shree Balaji Diamond, for instance, you’ll find each jewellery piece they work with is one of a type. Unlike general jewellery stores where maximum pieces of the same design are available, Shree Balaji Diamond does not replicate any of its jewelry product designs. You can therefore trust that singular unique touch with professional handcrafted or handmade diamond jewelry. Yours will be the only one piece of that diamond jewelry design in the whole world.
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