Shree Balaji Diamond is a brand initiative of Australian Diamond in Nepal.

Australian diamond in nepal Posted On : 29-09-2017

The heart that gifts an Australian diamond shines like a diamond
We present the world with the most precious gift, Shree Balaji Diamond’s Jewellery. Inspired by various facets of Nepali culture Shree Balaji Diamond’s jewellery collections are the perfect gifting choice, combining emotion, affordability and spectacular design.
Shree Balaji Diamond’s is a brand initiative of Australian Diamond in Nepal. Australian Diamond is one of the world’s major producers of diamonds.

Australian Diamond in Nepal


Hidden treasures
In a remote corner of the vast Australian continent, hidden deep below the surface underneath layers of rock and sand, lays one of the world’s most treasured natural beauties – diamonds. From their incredible birthplace to their rich indigenous heritage and ethical sourcing, Australian diamonds are as beautiful and unique as the majestic landscape of the land from which they come.
The story of Australian diamonds begins billions of years ago under the dusty red topography of Western Australia where intense heat and pressure caused carbon atoms inside rocks to combine and crystallize into precious diamonds.
For years, these diamonds remained dormant, 160 kilometers below the earth until volcanic eruptions forced them from their hiding place closer to the surface. Erosion ultimately freed the diamonds from their host rocks, allowing these once-hidden gems to be cut and set into beautiful jewelry that is treasured around the world.

Unearth the beauty

Known as one of the world’s last great wildernesses, the East Kimberley is a remote area of Western Australia that’s larger in geographic size than 75 percent of the other countries around the globe. Plus, the East Kimberley’s iconic red landscape, vivid blue
skies, and ancient rock formations stretch as far as the eye can see. In order to find what’s precious you need to know where to look. Tucked away in the north-east corner of the Kimberley is the Argyle diamond mine, unearthing the hidden treasures of this hauntingly beautiful land.


Diamonds of the Dreamtime
The natural beauty of Australian diamonds is steeped in Aboriginal legend.

Barramundi Dreaming is a story from the Aboriginal people of the East Kimberley region where the Argyle mine is located. According to ancient beliefs, it was here that a beautiful Barramundi fish swam down the Bow River during the Dreamtime creation era, the legendary time when Aboriginals believe all things were created. Three women tried to capture the Barramundi fish, but it jumped over their nets,
scattering its scales into the waters below. According to the legend, it was these scales that transformed into the diamonds found in the area today.


The story behind Australian diamonds is as unique as the rugged landscape and the rich culture of its people. Australia’s exotic wildlife and fauna and heritage sites are extraordinary gifts from Mother Nature that rival the majesty of the stones unearthed in the Argyle diamond mine. Every stone recovered is a precious original born in natural colors ranging from white and silver, to champagne and cognac, and the rarely seen but highly treasured pink, red and blue diamonds. Australian diamonds are acquired through responsible and ethical mining practices that honor the environment and help preserve it for future generations.
The Argyle diamond mine also supports local employment, business and infrastructure, tourism, and indigenous communities. The mine is owned and operated by Rio Tinto, a global industry leader with a reputation for trust and integrity towards its consumers, workers, communities and the environment. Treasuring the people of the land and their traditions, Australian diamonds serve as the ultimate takeaway and lasting reminder of a one of a kind country, the Land Down


The Argyle diamond mine encourages indigenous employment and skill development transferrable beyond the life of the mine. It brings a range of diverse business opportunities to the local communities. Some of these partnerships have grown into meaningful success stories that inspire and benefit many. “I started my business through Argyle and have developed my reputation as a tour operator and cross-cultural training provider, developing business for the long term. I am now even expanding my business beyond Argyle into more cross-cultural training programs and some 4WD tours.” Ted Hall, a Miriuwung business owner and chairperson at the Gelganyem Trust



Revealing natural beauty
Rough diamonds are carefully extracted from the earth and analyzed by experts who recognize hidden beauty. Stones are placed into the capable hands of skilled cutters who sculpt raw rocks into polished pieces of perfection, and it’s these faceted beauties that take their rightful place amongst the works of art that fashionable women can wear every day. Instantly recognizable, Australian diamonds deliver a stunning warm palette that lends an uncontrived uniqueness to diamond fashion jewelry.

An enduring partnership
Today, Argyle’s influence stretches into many spheres and over many continents and nowhere more so than in Nepal. From the remote and hauntingly beautiful East Kimberley region of Western Australia – where the blue sky and red earth collide spectacularly–
to the densely populated cities of Nepal, skilled workers have learnt to unlock the beauty and the value of the small, Australian diamonds. Here,
diamond cutting and polishing factories have flourished, communities have been empowered and a new jewelry manufacturing industry has made these small – but exquisite – records of the earth’s history affordable to those who before could only dream of being their custodians.


From a place as captivating as the diamonds
A mystery shrouds the origin of the unique color palette of Australian diamonds. Scientists believe that during formation, colored diamonds receive extra pressure or external trace elements like oxygen, but the romantics amongst us believe natural hues come from Mother Nature alone who lovingly made her diamond children in the likeness of the colors and beauty of her landscape.
The finished jewelry designs feature genuine Australian diamonds that are carefully crafted to show the stones in their best light.

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