Bridal Jewelry – A Must Know for Brides-To-Be

Posted On : 05-09-2019

These days, marriage just isn’t as simple as it used to be. You must invest so much of time in wedding planning. Traditional marriage used to be very simple, it meant two rings for a bride and the groom and that’s it. However, wedding culture is now starting to change all over the world. Brides are opting for more accessories and Bridal Jewelry to fit in with their wedding dress. So, we are here to provide the necessary information regarding the selection of bridal jewelry for your wedding. Don’t you think it is important to make the most important event of your life the most memorable one?


Bridal Diamond Necklace
Diamond Bridal Jewelry

1. Selection of Engagement Ring

It is very important that your selection of engagement ring be the Ring of your Dreams.  Most of the couples these days go for the selection of engagement ring together so you both can decide what style and design ring you want. But apart from deciding the ring you want, there are many other important considerations. Basically budget is the protagonist here, but let’s safely store this topic for later.

Your personality definitely impacts the preference of design and style of your ring. It could be traditional, romantic, classic or modern.

Does it suit on your finger? Yes, trust me it has happened many times with almost everyone. The ring may look beautiful but may not suit on your finger. The look of a ring on a finger largely depends on the size and shape of your finger.

However, there are few rings that are simply out of this planet creation that will blow your mind. These rings are for people who have a complete non-traditional choice. These sort of rings selection comes in varieties, from beautiful gemstones to non-solitaire rings.


diamond rings in Nepal

2. Other Bridal Jewelry

You will look gorgeous as a bride when the bridal jewelry perfectly complements your wedding dress. If you are opting for more of a traditionally designed bridal jewelry, then you can look for a Diamond Pendant, Diamond Necklace or a pair of beautiful Diamond Earrings. Make sure you are purchasing bridal jewelry that will be the solid foundation for your jewelry wardrobe. The bridal jewelry you buy will be a lifelong ornament that’ll cherish you with every glance at it. To make your bridal jewelry more special, Shree Balaji Diamond provides personal inscriptions on such initials. You can engrave your name or your groom’s name, the wedding date or even a cute special message.


Pink Ruby Bridal Wear
Emerald Diamond Bridal Necklace
Pink Ruby Diamond Necklace
Floral Bridal Jewelry

3. Proper Investment in your Bridal Jewelry

Alright, so you purchased the bridal jewelry you so badly wanted. But what if something unfortunate was to happen to your jewelry? See you must think properly while purchasing not just bridal jewelry but any other sort of jewelry. First thing you want to do is get a guarantee or warranty and proper service plan for it. In this way, even if your bridal jewelry gets lost or damaged, it can be replaced. However, the guarantee or warranty may be offered along with the purchase price or you may have to pay an additional cost amount for it.

If you live an active lifestyle, you will definitely want that service plan as you have a higher probability of scratching your engagement ring. A service plan also includes other things like resizing or tightening the stone.

Even though it’s a lot to keep in mind, it is always better you remain informed about these important things. These are things that matter and will help you make wiser decisions when purchasing bridal jewelry or any other jewelry.


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