Engagement Ring Styles – The Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends.

diamond engagement ring Posted On : 20-02-2018

So you’re prepared to tie the knot this year, but first you need the perfect diamond engagement ring to promise her for your life. This can be a very tricky process. One of the hardest parts about choosing an diamond engagement ring is finding a style that’s very unique, beautiful and stylish and that fits your lifestyle and personality. Or figuring these details out for your girlfriend. May be she like diamond solitaire for her engagement.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles/Trends

Use this list of most popular engagement ring styles/Trends to identify the features you’d love to include in your own engagement ring. You can then mix, match, and personalize the ring’s designs until you’ve got just the right ring!


Rose Gold

Rose gold morganite ring with diamonds in the band also known as “red gold” or “pink gold,” rose gold is a very beautiful gold alloy that can give your engagement ring a lovely touch of color. Rose gold is also more malleable and heat sensitive than yellow and white gold, so using it as an accent to these sturdier metals can allow you to have a ring designed for daily wear that requires less maintenance.

Halo engagement ring


Are you proposing to an angel ? Get her a halo ring to compliment the halo above her head. A halo on your engagement ring can create a beautiful frame for the centerpiece. Halo frames come in several different shapes, including square, oval, round and rectangular. They also are available with double or triple diamond halo effects, which can really create a spectacular ring!

vintage engagement ring.

Vintage Rings

Some brides to-be enjoy the thrill of shopping for a true antique piece, while some would prefer a new ring with a vintage look, known as a reproduction.Today’s technology applied to yesterday’s designs allows for beautiful, durable engagement rings that will stand the test of time.

Colorful Center Gem engagement ring.

Colorful Center Gem

A brightly colored gemstone can make for a beautiful centerpiece in your engagement ring. When a traditional white diamond is not your choice for a center gemstone, dive into color. Pink and yellow diamonds, bold blue sapphires, and bright red rubies are all great options for unique center gemstones. Fashion conscious brides are also opting for uncut gemstones, rose-cut diamonds and diamonds with an organic feel.

Engagement ring with split shank and halo in yellow gold.

Split Shank

Split shank engagement ring with bezel pear shapes. Using a split shank can give your engagement ring an edgy, architectural look. A split shank can widen the look of your ring. When you widen your design by the center element and it tapers down that is very complementary to the hand.

Black Rhodium and Oxidation

Black Rhodium and Yellow Gold engagement ring
Oxidation and Black Rhodium are finishes that create dramatic effects on the designs they are used with. When variations of height and depth are used in your design as small elements within the larger look, the addition of black rhodium or oxidation will make these details stand out more. I like to say that with the right design, these dark finishes, make your design ‘pop.’

Hand Engraving

Hand Engraving engagement ring.
Having a ring hand engraved gives you more options for personalized ring designs. Engrave her engagement ring with a design she’ll love that sets her ring apart. Machine engraving is great for precision, but it relies on templates. Hand engraving is ideal for unique designs that can’t be replicated. One of the nice things about hand engraving is that it can be done after the ring is finished.


Special Gallery View

Special Gallery View engagement ring.

The side view of your ring under the main diamond or diamonds is called the gallery. Does your bride-to-be have an eye for details ? Impress her with a ring that’s says “I love you,” from all perspectives . Many people are so concerned with how their engagement ring will look from above that they forget about the detail in this gallery view.


Colorful Designs

Who said the diamond in your engagement ring must be white? Adding a pop of color using gemstones as the center stone or accented stones can add more significance to your ring and truly make it your own! Interested in customizing your engagement ring? At The Ring Austin, we have state of the art design tools that you can use to create the engagement ring of your dreams! Visit us in-store today and see it for yourself or start designing your engagement ring online now!


What Will You Choose ?

Whether you choose a simple or elaborate design, a ring created with the gallery-view in mind will look more beautiful from all angles.
Hopefully this has given you some ideas for your engagement diamond ring styles !

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