gia diamond now in nepal

GIA certified diamond now in nepal

GIA is the world’s foremost globally trusted authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. established in 1931s. A public benefit, nonprofit institute, one of the leading source of knowledge, standards, and education in gems and jewelry. Researchers in GIA have studied and made many innovative contributions to the understanding of gems. The worldwide evaluation for diamond quality, ‘International Diamond Grading System™’ was established by GIA in 1940s, which to this day is used as standard grading system. Geomolgist in GIA has been analyzing data on gems and their characteristics for decades. This endeavour has become more challenging each passing year, resulting in new gems emergence and new treatment processes and synthetic materials come onto market. Every material submitted in GIA is tested to determine whether it is natural or not and there is no disclosure of any treatments discovered during the examination. Through research, education, and unbiased gem grading and analysis, GIA strives to protect the gem and jewelry by setting global quality standards. It has now become world’s most trusted name in diamond grading and gem identification. GIA’s central goal is to guarantee the general people trust in pearls and gems by maintaining the most elevated guidelines of respectability, scholastics, science, and polished methodology through training, inquire about, research facility administrations, and instrument advancement.


In the 1940s, GIA established the “4Cs” and the International Diamond Grading System™ – to this day, the worldwide standard for evaluating diamond quality.


The sparkle and brilliance of a diamond depends more on its cut than anything else.

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The absence of inclusions and blemishes makes a diamond rare and affects value.

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Diamonds in the D-to-Z color range are valued by how closely they approach colorlessness – the less color, the higher their value.

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Carat weight

Diamonds and gemstones are weighed in metric carats: one carat is equal to 0.2 grams, about the weight of a paperclip.

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GIA certified diamond now in nepal

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