Jewellery ideas to make your Teej memorable…

Posted On : 02-08-2017

TEEJ is the day which shows Woman’s LOVE, Sacrifice and Beauty PERSONALITY !! Long lasting companionship desire is utmost theme prevailed to keep breathing for the TEEJ Festival.It’s marvelous tuning found in Nepali couple only that keeps husbands caring and wives keeping fast to open by loved one and makes them really paired by God. sorha(16) shringar is mostly considered to dress up and jewellery makes it perfect to be called LAXMI due enriching spiritually too. Modern or traditional, village or urban frame TEEJ pertains purity between the lovely couple as made for each other.

All rests behind of this festival to conquer faith and jewellery shines glow of beauty adorned.Now a days Diamond set God or platinum light weight jewellery has also become the part of fashion as well as maintaining traditions by heart.

Jewellery ideas to make your Teej memorable with Shree Balaji Diamond

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