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Nose pin trend Posted On : 29-12-2017

We cannot denied that nose is an important part of our face. Then why we always forget to ornament our nose? When we attend any function or party we consider our overall jewellery except nose pin. Whether you wear it as a fashion statement or to pay respect to culture and tradition, a nose pin is one piece of jewellery that is as versatile as its wearer. While the origin of the nose pin lies in our traditional culture, today nose pin  brings a symbol of style and personal expression. In recent years , Nose pin trend is getting popularity in the young girls especially college going girls. Along with ear piercing nose piercing is becoming compulsory and common. On the other side nose pin is getting importance in jewellery. Nose pin trend bring unqiue fashion sense in you , now nose pin trend comes in various shapes from advance to normal nose ring to moon, flower, star, leaf and more shapes.



In earlier times, married women wore nosepins as a sign of fertility. However, today the nose pin has made its way to the wardrobes on young girls who are always looking for ways to express their femininity and personal sense of style. As always, Shree Balaji Diamond certified diamond jewellers  is aware of this change in the trends and brings to you a huge selection of nose pins, nose rings and nose studs! Choose from a multitude of designs in yellow gold white gold studded with sparkling diamonds, and prepare to dazzle everyone around you!

The Capricci nose pin collection embodies a woman’s beauty, uniqueness and elegance. Our stunning collection features a classic diamond nose stud and seven interchangeable nose pin jackets, set in three unique Forevermark diamonds. Express your individuality by selecting a Forevermark diamond nose pin in Nepal.

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