Valentine gift suggestion – Expecting the unexpected this valentine

valentine gift suggestions Posted On : 30-01-2019

An unexpected event could give you a positive result of what you were expecting from it or simply turn into a nightmare, and nobody wants it the second way around. So how are you planning to spend this Valentine with your partner? What are you planning to gift her/him with? You obviously have at least planned for a gift right? It’s gonna be really awkward when your partner comes up with a special gift for you whereas you are empty handed or show up with a valueless gift. Maybe you were confused this year – so have some Valentine gift suggestion especially for you.

Let this Valentine be filled with love, passion, understanding, and contentment as your journey through life with those you hold dear. On this occasion gift your loved ones a jewel that redefines your love. Moreover, she likes it! She deserves to feel special. This Valentine’s day gift her a pendant, earring, ring with all your heart and she will treasure it always.

You ever thought of gifting your partner a diamond? Most of the people are still living in the lie that ‘Diamonds are for rich people ONLY’. Well, let’s make it clear, that statement is a facade. Stop believing everything you hear and check this out, Shree Balaji Diamonds is here to offer unbelievable prices for every Romeos and Juliets to make your partner smile from ear to ear with our Diamond Collection for this Valentine.

The diamond is also the stone that marks the 60th Anniversary of Marriage. Where there is love, there is life and is also the birthstone for the month of April.

Sometimes you have this authentic feeling of warmth by just remembering the beautiful ceremony and the delightful time you had while celebrating the very beginning of your never-ending love, marriage. And for some reason, we tend to mark that gorgeous event off the list like we just cleared it off a bucket list.

Surely, there is no emotion so cherished and sought after as love. So why not make it a point this year, to celebrate the happiness in your life – from newlywed to those who have been together for like forever. When two people come together with a promise to God to remain firm and support each other as they grow old together, it is important to invest your sentimental feelings on something expensive and important which will become an object that signifies the other person’s importance in your life.

A legend claims that there was once The God of Mines. He called his courtiers to gather the world’s finest known gems such as Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, etc. The gems were found to be of all tints and colors and varying harnesses. To everyone’s surprise, he took each one, crushed it all and he compounded them together. He proclaimed, “Let this be something that will combine the beauty of all”. He declared and behold, the Diamond was born. It was as pure as a dewdrop and indestructible in hardness. Diamonds are magnificently beautiful from both up close and far away.

And so on this Valentine, it is likely your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter news feed will be filled with people smiling with their new diamond ring or earrings on.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.– Aristotle


Valentine Offer and Suggested Gifts

Shree Balaji Diamond – Certified Diamond store located at New Road, Kathmandu. We are giving out Special Valentine Offer in the exclusive product of Diamond Jewellery to make your valentine more memorable. Suggested Valentine gift for your loved one this year – 2019.

  1. Diamond Earring
  2. Diamond Nosepin
  3. Diamond Pendant
  4. Diamond Necklace
  5. Engraved Jewellery
  6. Diamond Brooch
  7. Promise Ring
  8. Bangles and More

Contact us or visit our store outlet – New Road, Kathmandu.



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