7 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted On : 08-02-2018

Only few people knew the importance of  Valentine Day’s gift as known to couples madly in love – a celebration of love and it is an opportunity for us to truly reconnect with the real meaning of this day. Comparatively, women are more romantic than men. Men, generally wait for this day to happen so to see their lady’s eyes brighten up at the first glance of the special Valentine’s Day gifts – which takes weeks to choose the gift for our loved one. Targeted at such men who are looking for different ways to sweep their partners off their feet. We (shree balaji Diamond) doesn’t know what you have planned yet, but we are posting this to give you some tips and ideas on amazing valentine’s day gift and what Shree Balaji Diamond can do for you and help you make this day count as precious day of your life.

Hard work behind Shree Balaji Diamond from the past couple of months finally came up with planned multiple gift options for this Valentine’s day 2018. Keeping this in mind- we have lauched an Valentine Offer 14+14= 28% flat discount on our valentine collections. Planning and timing are most critical because you don’t want your gifts arriving on 15thFebruary (None of us want our surprises to turn into nightmares, or do we?). Plan early so we get time to craft your customized items and deliver them before 14th February.

Valentine Collections 2018



 Amazing valentine’s day gift Collections

  1. Couple’s initials inside a Heart – Nothing shows a couple’s connection more than a heart shaped pendant bearing their initials in bold. Shree Balaji Diamond has a few heart shaped pendant designs that can be customized with the initials of your name and her name.
  2. Personalized Gold Name Pendants –Name pendants are a rage these days and nobody does them better than Shree Balaji Diamond, we have made numerous name pendants for our customers. They can generally be customized with hearts, crowns star, etc. Look at some of the samples below & you’ll know why. You must ideally start planning at least 15 days in advance because you’ll need some time to finalize on the font, style and design of the necklace.
  3. Couple’s detachable heart pendant One of the most romantic ways of expressing your love to her is by gifting her a couple’s heart pendant. Basically, this is a heart pendant which can be split into two pieces and each of you can wear one half of the pendant. Shree Balaji Diamond has designed it in such a way that even if you are the kind of man who doesn’t prefer wearing pendants, your girl can wear the whole heart herself without using it as two separate half hearts.
  4. Initial Pendants – If you wish to keep it simple, you may gift her a simple initial pendant. Initials pendant would generally have just a single letter with some nice design around it. These are for those who don’t like hyper-personalized jewellery, and at the same time need something that’s unique to them.
  5.  Zodiac Pendants – Another great idea is to select zodiac or sun sign pendant. Shree Balaji Diamond has a collection of zodiac pendants for all the sun signs. This is as simple as it sounds.
  6. Couples matching bands/rings – Matching couple’s band is a rage in the modern times and Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get her a couple band. Couple bands refers to a set of 2 matching rings – one for each of you such that the designs and pattern of both the rings are in sync with each other.
  7. Custom Engraved Pendant What can be more personalized than a heart-shaped pendant bearing your name on it, which she’ll wear around her neck and your name will always stay close to her heart. We have unique designs for such type of engraved heart pendant on which you can custom engrave any name or message.

Women just love jewellery, any great design with diamonds on it will drive her nuts about you. When you gift her precious jewellery, while also taking the pain to personalize it – it would mean the world to her. Therefore, fellow gentlemen, I will advise you to take the pain, because in the end, all this is worth it.

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