Diamond weight matters or not ?

Diamond weight matters or not ? Posted On : 27-10-2017


Of course,Diamond weight doesn’t matter. First of all Think all about it. When you look at a diamond set in a diamond jewellery, what does your eye see? Does you see weight? or does you see physical size? Obviously, your  can only see physical dimensions-light doesn’t carry weight information back to you.
If you think about it even more, you also doesn’t see the total physical size of the diamond, because most of it will be covered in jewellery. All your eye can really see diamond.
For a round diamond, that’s the diameter, and for other shapes, it’s a total function of length and width. For simplicity’s sake, for the rest of this article, I will refer to diameter, but what I am writing applied equally to both round and non-round diamond jewellery shapes.

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