push presents for new mothers

push present for new mothers Posted On : 05-01-2018

If you are given an opportunity to welcome some of your guest, how do you feel – Privileged Feeling. However, Welcoming a new member into a family is our tradition that has been in existence since ancient times.Gifting to the new mother soon after she has delivered her child (new member to family) is a meaningful tradition which has acquired the name of “PUSH PRESENT.” from long time.

Traditionally these presents given to the new mother were mostly jewelry or other valuables. In present times, such presents are of various kinds and many options are viable depending on preferences as well as budgets. Push presents can include coupons for household chores and caring for the newborn so the new Mom is able to take a break from her chores.

Shree Balaji Diamond has complied a list best jewelry as Push Presents:

push presents for new mothers

Heartbeat Diamond earring and Necklace set

The diamond represents heartbeat that is a constant reminder of the newly born life she has just created. This beautiful Heartbeat diamond earrings and necklace set is the perfect gift for a new Mother

Diamond Heart Necklace

She will always cherish this beautiful diamond heart necklace reminding her of your love for her and her love for her newborn baby.

Forevermark Diamond Lotus Necklace

The love a new mother has for her child unfurls life the petals of a lotus flower as seen in this beautiful lotus flower necklace. It is crafted Crafted of 18kt rose gold with a 1/3ct tw diamond.

Diamond two stone necklace

This beautiful two stone necklace was designed with a loved one in mind.The presence of two diamonds is often a matter of private significance.  The diamonds in this meaningful necklace represent a her newly born  baby and a mother. It is Crafted of sterling silver with a 1/10ct tw diamond.

Forevermark Diamond stone infinity Necklace

Love is eternal and infinite. Love is never ending as seen in this beautiful Forevermark Infinity necklace.  A loving relationship is formed between a new mother and her baby represented by the two sparkling diamonds in this necklace.

Mother and child Necklace

The love between a mother and child is featured in this beautiful necklace as they embrace their unique love by joining hands to celebrate a new life. This also represents the love and care  towards newly born child.


Shree Balaji Diamond has compiled and choose the best way to say thanks to new moms as “Push presents”. When you are planning to say thanks to your partner for bringing  new life in your family with Us and collection from forevermark diamond.

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