Rings & Meaning – What does each finger symbolize?

diamond rings on all fingers Posted On : 23-08-2019

There is no denying that buying a ring, especially with a precious stone is no easy task. It doesn’t matter if it is for you, your friend or a loved one. And the men have now finally learnt that there is no way you can mess up when it comes to jewelry and women. Any woman would smile from within when her partner presents the perfectly wrapped box with a gorgeous and sparkling ring. Jewelry is how you express yourself without even saying a single word about it. So, if you are planning to present your partner with a beautiful ring as a gift but have no clue about how to purchase the right one, you have found the right place.

Shree Balaji Diamonds have refined the products and services further to always stay ahead of our competition. Our strong presence for more than two decades has helped us build the trust and faith of our customers with our consistent delivery of quality diamond jewelry products and services, and we continue to do so with an aim to improve the standards of lifestyle and luxury of the people of Nepal.

Even though everyone wears rings, it has only become a fashion statement. Little do people about the meaning and understanding of how to pick the right finger for every occasion.


The significance of each finger

Each finger has a different purpose and meaning behind it. So, it is very important that you be aware of what each finger symbolizes and which ring should you wear on what event.


The “Wedding” Finger

Yes, the fourth finger on your left hand is especially reserved for an engagement ring and then for the wedding ring later. That is the most commonly known symbolism for fingers. But in many cultures, it is exactly the opposite. It is the fourth finger of the right hand that befits the wedding ring. And more, they believe that wearing the ring on the left-hand finger brings bad luck in your love story.


Engagement ring on womans hand

The “Pinky” Finger and The “Index” Finger

Even though the tradition of wearing rings on these fingers have just begun, it has become a bold fashion statement. The one and only main reason to wear rings on these fingers is to make a statement saying “I am a fashionista”. However, it surely brings in a lot of attention to your hand.


Diamond Rings for Index Finger and Pinky Finger

The ‘Middle’ Finger

The middle finger is the most default and popular placement to put a ring. It is the simplest way to not confuse people about their marital status. The middle finger shows a sense of balance and responsibility as in accordance with its location. It also helps to add a touch of class and glamour in your outfit with a distinct sense of style.


Diamond Ring for Middle Finger

The World of Rings

For centuries, we know how significant rings are. These days in the world of fashion, beautifully crafted rings have taken off at storm. Rings are very important for girls who love adding additional accessories in their outfit. It makes them feel on point. Especially if you have just manicured your nails, you surely need to flex your ring with it. Both complement one another.

You can have a collection of rings stacked up. These days, you can even personalize your rings with a word you want. There’s no limit to varieties of rings for you, you can find so many beautiful rings that will simply blow away your mind. You won’t even be able to make up your mind. Lastly, remember the significance of ring fingers and always keep your style fresh with new rings. Even when you are dressed head to toe in black, your hands will still shine for you!


diamond rings in Nepal


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Rings & Meaning – What does each finger symbolize?

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