What is Diamond ?

What is Diamond ? Posted On : 25-09-2017

Each Diamond is the different, incorporating a complex constellation of factors that determine the rarity of each stone. Although gemologists train for years to master the art and science of diamond appraisal, with a little basic instruction, anyone can learn how to read an appraisal and compare the grades of different stones.Every diamond is as unique as the person who owns it. Just as a diamond reflects the color of the light it bears, it should also reflect the personality of the individual who wears it. Here lies in the art of selecting a diamond, for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Your knowledge of yourself, or your knowledge of a loved one, is expressed in your selection.

Through your choice of a diamond, you are making a public statement about the loved one–and about your relationship–and that statement is repeated every time the diamond is worn. This is why, for many women, there is such mystique in diamond jewellery gifts, and why, for many men, there is such uncertainty in its selection. What is important in the selection of a diamond has little to do with the cost of the jewellery and much to do with the richness of the relationship.

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