Solitaire diamond engagement ring

Solitaire Diamond rings for Engagement and types of Solitaire Rings.

Posted on : 23-Nov-2017

The most popular engagement ring style is obviously the one stone solitaire, this attractively classic ring design lets the central stone really sparkle and stand proud on your hand, so no doubt its the favorite ! Nothing says classical elegance like a solitaire engagement ring…. Read more »

wastage and making charges

Why is wastage and making charges added to Diamond or Gold jewellery after the price is marked on the Diamond and Gold?

Posted on : 19-Nov-2017

Diamond jewelry sets the tone for many occasions such as festivals, engagements, weddings, birthdays, and other such occasions. When we set out to purchase Diamond and gold jewellery, there are quite a few things that we require to consider. Here is everything you need to… Read more »

Best Jewellery in Nepal

Handmade diamond Best Jewellery in Nepal

Posted on : 16-Nov-2017

Best Jewellery in Nepal – Handmade Jewellery Best Jewellery in Nepal: Jewelry making is an approximately 5000 year old tradition in Nepal. The history of handcrafted or Handmade diamond Jewellery in Nepal is remarkable.From the Ancient period to the Modern period in this world no one… Read more »

Diamond weight matters or not ?

Diamond weight matters or not ?

Posted on : 27-Oct-2017

  Of course,Diamond weight doesn’t matter. First of all Think all about it. When you look at a diamond set in a diamond jewellery, what does your eye see? Does you see weight? or does you see physical size? Obviously, your  can only see physical… Read more »

Diamond Jewelry for Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Gifts That Say I Love You – for Him and Her.

Posted on : 06-Oct-2017

Diamond Jewelry for Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Gifts That Say I Love You – for Him and Her. Diamond Jewelry for Boyfriend and Girlfriend !! Jewelry gifts That Say, I Love You : for Him/Her Hey !! You remember what today is? umm..Saturday!! Oh really!! You… Read more »

Australian diamond in nepal

Shree Balaji Diamond is a brand initiative of Australian Diamond in Nepal.

Posted on : 29-Sep-2017

ALWAYS ASK FOR AUSTRALIAN DIAMONDS The heart that gifts an Australian diamond shines like a diamond We present the world with the most precious gift, Shree Balaji Diamond’s Jewellery. Inspired by various facets of Nepali culture Shree Balaji Diamond’s jewellery collections are the perfect gifting… Read more »

What is Diamond ?

What is Diamond ?

Posted on : 25-Sep-2017

Each Diamond is the different, incorporating a complex constellation of factors that determine the rarity of each stone. Although gemologists train for years to master the art and science of diamond appraisal, with a little basic instruction, anyone can learn how to read an appraisal… Read more »

What is Karat/Carat?

Posted on : 22-Sep-2017

More than one diamond, the karats/carats may be described in terms of total karat/carat weight (TCW). This is the combined total weight of all the stones in the piece. Diamonds can range in size from a fraction of a karat/carat to several karat/carats. Given the… Read more »

Jewellery ideas to make your Teej memorable…

Posted on : 02-Aug-2017

TEEJ is the day which shows Woman’s LOVE, Sacrifice and Beauty PERSONALITY !! Long lasting companionship desire is utmost theme prevailed to keep breathing for the TEEJ Festival.It’s marvelous tuning found in Nepali couple only that keeps husbands caring and wives keeping fast to open by… Read more »


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